Download and Installation Instructions

Here are step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing the GypsyMaps files from this site:

Step One: Download and Save Files

When you click on one of the GypsyMaps links, it will take you to my account, where you can download the file you selected.  Look for the big blue download button.

By they way, I did go ahead and spring for the premium account, so you should not have to deal with any ads or unnecessary delays when downloading.  If you encounter any, please let me know.

After downloading the files, you may want to move them to an easy to find location on your computer.  My online downloads always end up in a "Downloads" folder on my computer.  As you can imagine, it fills up quickly, so I try to move things to another folder.  I suggest you create a Gypsy Downloads folder, and move your downloaded GypsyMaps files there.

Step Two: Open Up the Gypsy Sync Software

After opening up the Gypsy Sync software and taking care of any new updates, you should see a screen like this...

Click on the "Upload Files to Gypsy" button in the bottom left corner.  I circled it in red in the above screenshot.

It should open up a folder on your computer.  From here, you will need to navigate to where you saved your downloaded files on your computer.  Once there, select the file that you want to save to your Gypsy, then click the Open button.  See the screenshot below...

As a side note, the "Open" button is a bit misleading.  After clicking it my first time through, I expected it to open another dialogue box or to do something else.  Instead, it automatically returned me to the Gypsy Sync screen. 

You can then repeat the above steps to add additional downloaded files to your Gypsy.

If you have more than one file to download, here's a little tip.  Select a file, hold down the shift key, and then while holding down shift, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight additional files.

Step Three: Verify the GypsyMaps Files are Available

Close the Sync software, so that you can check for the file(s) on your Gypsy.  If we did everything right, they should be there!